Batteries form a back bone for any automatic electronic device. Batteries have become our house hold equipment. It plays a major role in the warranty of any product, the better the battery the longer the reliability of product. Festolyte is one company which always stays a head in batteries.

Features of Batteries:

Extra heavy duty plates as per exclusive Festolyte design ensuring durability. It has resistance to corrosion and inbuilt margins for high ambient temperatures and vibrations. Festolyte FL Tubular batteries are assembled with tubular positive and pasted negative and pasted negative plates made of special alloy.

It is known for Strong, rugged hard rubber container construction. They are provided with transparent sealed float indicators and Micro Porous Aqua Trap vent plugs, which allow generated gases to escape and traps water particles, returning the major portion to the electrolyte. This reduces the frequently of topping up. With extra electrolyte head and proper voltage control, the frequency of topping up will be once a year.

Applications of Batteries:
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar UPS
  • Solar Modules
  • Solar Home Lighting system

  • Invertor Batteries
  • Long Life Tubular Batteries
  • Red Tubular Batteries
  • SMF Batteries
  • Two wheeler batteries
  • HPR Automotive Batteries

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