SMK Charger Controller
SMK Charger Controller
With the help of our foresight, we manufacture an efficient range of SMK Charger Controller. Our smk charger controller prevents overcharging and may prevent against over voltage, which can reduce battery performance or lifespan, and may pose a safety risk.

SMK Charger Controller Features:
  • Switched Mode operation
  • Charging topology Buck Mode CV charging – most suited for most Battery chemistries
  • Solar charging current up to 10 Amps continuous – customised designs are available for higher power ratings
  • Load current: Up to 10 Amps continuous – customised designs are available for higher power ratings. Available in 12V & 24V versions.
  • Low voltage Load disconnect: 11V Load Reconnect Voltage: 12.4V.
  • Night Time current drain: < 10 micro amps.
  • Automated frequency selection for wide input voltage range. Multiple steps of PWM provided for efficient charging.
  • LED indications provided for charge/float
  • LED indications also can be provided for battery level indicator on requirement
  • Red LED for Low-Voltage indication.
  • Uses pulsed float voltage maintenance mode when battery is full (13.5V).
  • Internal Temperature compensation provided, works well in cold and hot environments. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppression, designed to work with radio systems.
  • Built in Automated Recovery thermal fuse for protection from excessive load and reverse battery protection – No technician required for maintenance.

Electrical Specifications:

Specification Rating Unit
Rated Solar input 10 Amps
Maximum Input 8 Amps
System Voltage 12 Volts
Max Solar Panel Voltage 22 Volts
Regulation Voltage Pulse Width Modulated Volts
Temp Compensation 28
(Internally Compensated)
mV/ Degree C
Reverse current leakage < 10 µA
Reverse Voltage Protection Yes (resetable Fuse)

Other Details:

Charge Regulation Type Shunt
Lamp Type Compact Fluorescent / LED
Switching Device Semiconductor [MOSFET]
Mode of Operation PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Type of Battery used All,( Tubular plate Battery, Flat Plate Battery)
Minimum Charging Current >100mA
Maximum Charging Current 10A
Self Consumption ±Less than or equal to 6mA at 12 V
(Excluding Battery Level indicator)
Built in Indicators             Provide Battery Status, Charging, Short Circuit, Low Cut off
Battery Low voltage disconnect range LVD 11.4 V, ± 2%
LVR 12.5V , ± 2%
Battery Overcharge Disconnect range PWM regulated
Adjustment of Set points Fixed
Overload Protection Circuit breaker (Resetable fuse)
Protection Against Protection is provided against Reverse polarity, Reverse Current flow, High Voltage
Operating temperature Minimum -22 Degree C
Maximum + 60 Degree C
Temperature Compensation Yes , -28 mV / Degree C ( Internally Compensated)
Application Indoor and outdoor
Standards As per International standard


Charge Controller Specification Model
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 12V-10 Amps SMK1210
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 12V-20 Amps SMK1220
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 12V-30 Amps SMK1230
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 12V-40 Amps SMK1240
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 12V-50 Amps SMK1250
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 24V-10 Amps SMK2410
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 24V-20 Amps SMK2420
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 24V-30 Amps SMK2430
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 24V-40 Amps SMK2440
Solar Charge Controller -PWM- 24V-50 Amps SMK2450
Solar Charge Controller-PWM based with Dusk Dawn Charge Controller 12V-3 Amps SMKDD1203
Solar Charge Controller-PWM based with Dusk Dawn Charge Controller 12V-6 Amps SMKDD1206
Solar Charge Controller-PWM based with Dusk Dawn Charge Controller 12V-10 Amps SMKDD1210
Solar Charge Controller-MPPT- 6V - 3 Amps SMKM0603
Solar Charge Controller-MPPT- 6V - 10 Amps SMKM0610
Solar Charge Controller-MPPT- 12V - 10 Amps SMKM1210

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