Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller is the most simplicity and high performance of the new solar charge controller make it particularly attractive. At the same time, it offers a modern design and a convenient display, all at a most attractive prices. In Solar Charge Controller server LEDs in various colors emulate a tank display, which gives information on the charge status of the battery. The charge controllers are equipped with an electronic fuse, thus ensuring the optimal protection. They operate on the serial principle and separate the solar module from the battery in order to protect it against overcharging. The solar charge controllers are universal charge controllers, which mean they can be used with lead-acid batteries or g el batteries without the need for complex configuration settings.

Functions of Solar Charge Controller:Solar Charge Controller
  • It adjust for automatic for 12v charging
  • Applying with various types of durable batteries
  • Micro processing controller pulse modulation wide-frequency PWM charge
  • Setting the voltage of low voltage cut-off/resuming connection of the DC output of the load port
  • Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation
  • Protective circuit of PV from reverse-charging
  • Overloading protection
  • Over charge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • The temperature compensate
  • Reverse polarity connection protection
  • Converse discharge protection
  • Thunder protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Battery level indicator

Protection Functionality:
  • Battery overload protection
  • Deep discharge protection automatic electronic fuse
  • Reverse-polarity protection at module input, of the load and the battery connection
  • Short circuit protection of the load and the module
  • Good electromagnetic compatibility
  • Ldling protection in case no battery is connected
  • Prevention of back current into the module
  • Integrated temperature compensation of the end of charge voltage

Model SSC-1206 SSC-1210 SSC-1215 SSC-1220
Rated Voltage 12V Automatic voltage recognition
Input voltage range 12V-17V
Length ≤ 1m charge loop drop 0.25V
Length ≤ 1m Discharge loop drop 0.05V
Over voltage protection 17V
Full charge cut 13.9V
Low voltage cut 10.5~11V
Temperature compensation -3mv/°C/cell
No load loss ≤ 6mA
Max wire area 2.5mm2
Ambient temperature -25°C-+55°C

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