Solar Panel
Solar Panel
Solar panelsprovide cost effective solutions to energy problems in places where there is no mains electricity. Solar panelsare also totally silent and non-polluting. As they have no moving parts they require little maintenance and have a long life time. Compared to other renewable sources they also possess many advantages, wind and water powers rely on turbines which are noisy, expensive and liable to breaking down.

Solar Panel Advantages of Solar Panels:
  • Solar energy can easily be provided in rural areas where conventional electricity is not present already or it may cost more setup electric grid station. It is cost effective to use solar energy generation methodologies in such rural areas.
  • Solar cell modules or arrays comes in different shapes and sizes, it can be fixed on land or can be mounted on roof tops for maximum sun light exposures. Solar cell modules can also be fixed on glass skylights or vertical walls
  • Solar panels now come equipped with such devices which converts DC output from solar panels into AC for consumption. This way residential and commercial business owner can reduce their conventional electricity bills which are increasing day by day.
  • Solar power panels are durable and do not require much maintenance, once in while cleaning of solar cell modules will be it. Average life time of solar power panels are up to 20 to 25 years, which justify the initial cost of solar panels.

Models of Solar Panel:
  • 6V - 3 W
  • Solar Panel
  • 6V – 5W
  • 12V – 5W
  • 12V – 10W
  • 12V – 18W
  • 12V – 20W
  • 12V – 37W
  • 12V – 40W
  • 12V – 50W
  • 12V – 60W
  • 12V – 74W
  • 12V – 80W
  • 12V – 100W
  • 12V – 120W
  • 12V- 125W
  • 12V – 150W
  • 12V – 180W
  • 12V – 200W
  • 12V – 240W
  • 24V – 50W
  • 24V – 120W
  • 24V – 150W

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